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Exocet Technologies Inc. has joined the SAP® Consulting Partner Program for North America. Through its participation in the program, Exocet Technologies collaborate with SAP to provide a wide level of services around  SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) solutions in multiple industries and geographies.


Opencell is the leading open source monetization and billing platform with over 40 successful implementations in multiple industries and countries. Exocet Technologies and Opencell have been collaborating for several years, particularly in the Telecom industry. Exocet Technologies brings its O2C experience of the field to provide Opencell solution integration and consulting services in North America.


For five years, CCC provides top level consulting services around SAP Convergent Charging, with a strong focus on Telecom and prepaid market. CCC and Exocet technologies have been workig closely to offer an exceptional levels of services in activities as varied as architecture, design, configuration, integration and support around SAP Convergent Charging module.