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Strategic Consultancy


As part of your company’s business plan, you might be looking for your next-generation billing solution. Or maybe as a consulting company, you are responding to a prospect RFP. In any case, you might be considering SAP BRIM as a solution.

And it is probably the right choice. But there’s actually so much more to consider because every solution has its advantages, constraints, and weaknesses. Dealing with these many options can be a daunting task, but that’s where our consulting services come in.

  • We bring our objective vision to help you understand better what the solution entails: how it matches your needs, which modules are most valuable, and which might be redundant.
  • We can help you evaluate the overall scenario and levels of complexity for your future SAP BRIM implementation.
  • We assess and detect the potential limitations and risks to make sure you choose the solution that best matches your company’s requirements.


Our implementation services can help you find the best application for your system. Because even the best-designed solutions need proper execution to work well.

  • Our expert consultants can give you focused advice on each SAP-BRIM module: SAP Convergent Charging, Convergent Invoicing, FI-CA, SOM, Convergent Mediation/Digital Route MZ.
  • From A to Z, We offer end-to-end implementation services for system installation, configuration, and integration.
Solution Architecture


“We understand and care for our customers. We bring innovative ideas and solutions for an amazing digital transformation experience.” – Pavi Ranjan, Solution Architect

Exocet’s business consulting service has an excellent track record of dozens of successful SAP-BRIM implementations in different contexts for industries big and small. With our unrivalled experience, We can help you define the most adapted integrated architecture.

  • Our consultant team considers your functional needs and technical and even political constraints to provide end-to-end solution architecture designs and models.
  • We work together with development and implementation teams in the entire lifecycle of solutions.
Staffing and Training


“United we are, together we grow.”

-Sam Mallick, SAP BRIM Consultant

At Exocet, we know that SAP BRIM resources are a rare breed, especially in North America. We also know that it can be a challenge for companies to find the proper support and make sure the resource you have allocated is worth your confidence and investment. That’s why we’re here to offer all the support your company needs with our staffing and training services.

  • We can help you assess your future employees or consultants, starting with a simple “BRIM background check” and going all the way to a more in-depth technical screening.
  • Our consultants provide in-depth training on SAP-BRIM modules to help your team become autonomous with your solution and acquire the required level of knowledge to make your project a success.
Exocet Technologies

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Short-Term Help


When you absolutely need to get things done in a specific project, our team of experts can give you a hand. Whether it’s just a boost or a thorough and quick clean-up and review of your code, We can put together a tailor-made solution for your needs.