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Solution Architecture: Crafting Tailored SAP-BRIM Frameworks

At the heart of Exocet’s business consulting service lies a deep commitment to delivering SAP-BRIM solutions that are both innovative and perfectly aligned with the unique needs of each client. The consultancy’s track record speaks volumes, with a plethora of successful implementations across a variety of industries, from burgeoning startups to established conglomerates.

We understand and care for our customers. We bring innovative ideas and solutions for an amazing digital transformation experience.

– Pavi Ranjan, Solution Architect

Understanding Client Landscapes

The first step in Exocet’s methodology involves a thorough understanding of the client’s business environment. This includes not only the functional needs but also the technical and political landscapes within which the business operates. Such a comprehensive approach ensures that the solution architecture is not developed in isolation but is instead a reflection of the actual challenges and opportunities faced by the business.

Designing Integrated Architectures

With a foundation of deep understanding, Exocet’s consultants proceed to define the most adapted integrated architecture. This process is collaborative and iterative, engaging stakeholders to ensure that the proposed solutions are robust, scalable, and, above all, aligned with the strategic objectives of the business. The end goal is to create a solution architecture that supports the client’s current needs while also providing the flexibility to adapt to future changes.

End-to-End Solution Architecture Designs

Exocet’s expertise shines in its ability to provide end-to-end solution architecture designs and models. This encompasses everything from the initial concept to the final deployment, including crucial stages such as system integration, data migration, and user training. By considering the full lifecycle of the solution, Exocet ensures that the architecture is not only technically sound but also practical for day-to-day operations.

Collaboration Across Teams

A key element of Exocet’s success is its emphasis on collaboration. The consultancy works hand-in-hand with both development and implementation teams, facilitating communication and knowledge sharing throughout the entire lifecycle of the solution. This collaborative approach ensures that all parties are aligned, with the common goal of delivering a solution that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.

Navigating Constraints

No solution architecture can be developed in a vacuum. Exocet’s consultants are adept at navigating the myriad constraints that can impact a project, from technical limitations to budgetary considerations and even political factors within the client’s organization. By addressing these constraints head-on, Exocet ensures that the final architecture is not only feasible but also optimized for the client’s specific context.

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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Exocet’s approach to solution architecture is highly tailored, reflecting the understanding that each industry—and indeed, each client—has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Whether implementing SAP-BRIM solutions for a small firm or a multinational corporation, the consultancy’s strategies are always customized to ensure relevance and effectiveness.


We offer different services to help you reach the objectives of your business plan.

Strategic Consultancy


Our consultants can help you evaluate the overall scenario, recognize limitations and risks, and make sure you are choosing the best solution.



We offer end-to-end implementation services for the installation, configuration or integration of your systems.

Staffing and Training


Our team can assess or train your employees and consultants, to ensure they acquire the optimal level of knowledge.

Short-Term Help


Our extensive selection offers various solutions to support and enhance your performance whenever you’re in need of a boost.


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