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Key Challenge

The Highway Tolling automated system lacked flexibility and effective real-time processing, causing erroneous billing and high customer dissatisfaction.


Exocet Technologies team was tasked to find different solutions to optimize the tolling system. The plan was to standardize, automate, and accelerate the toll account management, pricing, invoicing, and reporting processes using the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management system.


After assessing the system in use and gathering the necessary information with stakeholders, we proceeded with a five-step plan to meet the objectives.

– Exocet Technologies provided Business and Solution Consulting services to the client and the system implementor.

– We provided efficient solution architecture and helped them re-define the business processes using SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solution.

– We helped the client define the SAP-BRIM Automation Logic Interfacing with the proper tools.

– We provided end-to-end design for Customer Account Management, Rating and Charging, Billing and Invoicing, Accounts Receivables handling and Collections Management.

– An efficient design for promotions was researched and implemented.

Exocet Technologies
Exocet Technologies


Our design improved Trip Processing performance, with an average of 500,000 trips getting rated in less than a second as a result.

– The client was able to perform effective trip-matching due to efficient customer account management design.

– Our rating design helped them speed up the trip charging and billing process, reducing errors and improving efficiency and revenues.

– Promotion design and rollout became very easy due to the flexible design we provided.

– The Trip Processing design we implemented included real-time systems that helped improve invoicing and fast-track customer complaints processes.

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