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When moving your business to a Recurring Revenue Model, or if you want to accelerate predictable growth, you will need to think beyond traditional ERP systems and find and implement solutions that cover the new ways to monetize services and subscriptions.

Exocet technologies

The Opencell Platform is an integrated solution that can help you manage your entire customer lifecycle, helping make time-to-market, new services, customer relationships and pricing more agile. At Exocet Technologies, we are experts in the platform’s Order-To-Cash capability. We can help you find and implement a total or partial solution that fits your business plan perfectly.

The flexibility and adaptability of  Opencell’s Billing module can let you handle the most complex revenue and order to cash scenarios, making your operation more agile and giving you various benefits:

Create, deploy and manage your ideal pricing strategies

Accelerate time-to-market of new offers

Enable and automate marketplaces and indirect sales channels

Streamline billing processes and improve billing accuracy


If you’re interested in finding a customized solution for your billing and revenue, get in touch with one of our Exocet Technologies’ experts to learn more about Opencell.

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